The Elision Effect

The Elision Effect cover art with the logo in the center.

The last person finds themselves in an empty office. Not knowing what made everyone abandon these liminal spaces, they look for an exit.

The Elision Effect is a short surreal puzzle game.

You might be the last person in this building. Empty offices and locked doors. You try to keep moving.

The place seems off, like it shouldn’t exist. It smells of old coffee stains, the fluorescent lights buzz, and corporate jazz plays on crappy speakers.

You long for fresh air.
An exit must be near.

Featured in the Indiepocalypse #44, a curated monthly anthology of indie games.

A potted plant in a liminal office, an oldschool computer on a desk, a bright magenta light and window in the back in front of some more office tables and a couch. A large blue conference room with a projector casting a presentation onto the wall. A gloomy cold office with a walls and a blue vending machine. You can see four combined L-shaped office tables with red chairs in front and two windows behind. A computer screen glows in blue. A moody bathroom with a reflection that looks off, like in a dream. One open stall shows an urinal. A mangenta office in surreal blue lighting with a small potted plant sitting on the secretary's office chair. A drawer and some stacked chairs in the background. A small room with a skylight ceiling window that looks like a fake sky. A ladder leads up into the surreal sky. Dreamcore style.